Consolidation Loans

The installment of your loan is too high?

The installment of your loan is too high?

We are aware of the difficulty of repaying many loans at the same time. It is a challenge for both the Borrower due to the multitude of dates and for his portfolio. That is why, in response to these and similar problems, we have prepared a proposal for a consolidation loan. Consolidation loans are loans, thanks to which you can get rid of all your liabilities by combining them into one, low installment, and at the same time you always have the opportunity to choose additional cash for new purposes. See for an observation

Therefore, instead of wasting time and money on paying expensive installments several times a month, contact us and choose a consolidation loan. Our consultant will certainly choose a solution that perfectly suits your situation. We will choose the best option for consolidation for you as well as help us complete and prepare appropriate documents for this purpose.

With us you will save time and money.

Benefits for you:

  • by combining all installments into one, you reduce your monthly liabilities
  • loan amount up to 150,000 PLN without a guarantor
  • the possibility of obtaining additional cash for any purpose
  • loan period up to 120 months
  • attractive interest rate is equal to low installment and recovered creditworthiness

additional opportunities:

  • the opportunity to join a loan with a spouse and consolidate his / her obligations
  • the opportunity to join insurance from:
    • death and permanent disability
    • job loss or temporary incapacity to work or serious illness


  • You are not sure if the loan you have made was granted to you on good terms?
  • A quarter of an hour is enough to check how much we can reduce your installments!
  • Think, can you afford to overpay for expensive loans?
  • Our advisers have helped dozens of people. Join their group and lower your installments.